Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Transmission Towers

The Mayan calendar ends soon. The world will probably blow up so I thought I would take Sharky somewhere different.

I have this fantasy that after the apocalypse, leashes will be unnecessary and we can go everywhere together.


  1. I have always been a little freaked out by "end of gbe world" predictions. The Mayan calendar ending, Nostradamus' predictions, the Rapture, movies with asteroids plummeting towards the Earth...they are what scare me. But it doesn't feel like the end of days...

    1. I don't sincerely believe in any doomsday prophecies but I find it fun to play along. Then I can relish the day after, where everyone survives and we can enjoy normal day-to-day life!

      But I know what you mean, about how it's freaky to hear about rapture and asteroids. It worries me when everyone subscribes a negative, catastrophic outcome to one day.

      I'm just glad there weren't any large horrors on 12/21. After the Sandy Hook shooting... I was really sick and worried that somebody would try to top that on the "end of days".